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Digital LED Displays and Text Displays in Polokwane, Limpopo

Electronic text displays, electronic message displays, scrolling text displays, moving text displays, LED message displays, LED message boards, LED text displays, digital text displays, LED display boards, moving message displays, and displays displaying movies and the time which they are scheduled to begin, at the cinema.

Our single line and multi-line LED displays can be updated quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to spend valuable time configuring the display. Typically, the easiest way to update the display is by using our display commander software on a computer. We keep our software as simple and user-friendly as possible, but if your requirements are more complex, we have tailor-maid software packages available or we can develop a tailored software solution to your exact requirements.

3D Outdoor Signs
Types of signs of 3d

Limprint 3D Fabricated Signs:

  • Fabricated Aluminium Channel Letters non illuminated
  • Fabricated Acrylic Channel letters non illuminated / illuminated
  • Front Lit Channel Letters with aluminium sides and coloured Plexiglass face
  • Back lit Channel Letters with Aluminium Face, internally illuminated from behind using LED lighting.
  • Open pan Channel letters with exposed Neon illumination
  • Front and Backlit Channel Letters

The world of signs isn’t flat anymore. Any shape or letter can be formed into a three-dimensional object, making it possible to present your business with signs that literally stand out from the rest as three-dimensional works of art. 3D letters and signs create an effect of depth and space and deliver a high-impact presentation. These types of signs are perfect for indoor and outdoor corporate signage. 3D signs can also be installed on outdoor walls to be seen from a distance.