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Signs / Signage Printing in Polokwane, Limpopo

Limprint offer high quality cheap signs printing at affordable prices, on time, every time.

Chromadek Signs

Effective and durable Chromadek sign option is a versatile and cost-effective way to achieve a basic visibility of your brand.
Chromadek sign with galvanized steel poles used for interior and exterior sign applications.

The Steel sheet coating is painted, resulting in a flat, highly durable surface.

Panels come in three standard sizes 2450 mm x 1225 mm, 3000 mm x 1225 mm and 4800mm and 1225mm and customised chromadek sign can be enquired in our email

Our chromadek signs come with a full color digital print or a protective UV Coating
for added outdoor durability.

Due to it’s versatility, Chromadek is also widely used for billboards and larger signage projects that require a high visual impact from a distance.

Widows Signs

Window Signs are crucial driving force for attracting new customers with messages of promotion, sales, new product, discounts and many more.

Window signs are great for different industries.

  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Hospital
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Malls
  • Shops and Showrooms
  • Government

At Limprint, we have window signs that are easy to put your window. With a variety of signs of different sizes, we are sure you’ll be able to find a perfect sign for your window. Our signs are beautiful and durable. They will draw attention for your business and will get your marketing message across to the customers. We believe in providing the best window sign that will add value to your business.

Street Signs

From standard road signs to street and house names, We, at Limprint offers an extensive range of street signs. Whether you require a standard sign or something customized, we are here to advice you on the most suitable product. We, at Limprint have provided street signs for cities, towns, municipalities, schools, military, universities, homes and many more. We offer a variety of colours and sizes. Our signs are designed in such a way, that it adds value and safety to your community, keeping all the safety guidelines in mind.

Outdoor signs / signature

It's a fact. About 85% of your potential customers pass by your business each month. The best way to take advantage of that is to put a well designed, well placed sign on your property.

Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach out to the maximum number of potential customers in a short amount of time. Outdoor signs are a great tool used in the outdoor advertising. They are cost effective and also very easy to be designed. It is very important for a company to promote their business or the campaign or a particular event.

Outdoor signs are made to last. They are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. We're here to help you design a professional looking sign that will have those potential customers stopping in their tracks.

Parking Signs

Parking signs help maintain regulation and organization; especially because they ensure that you don't have to face nuisance whenever you decide to drop in at your place of work or decide to return home or have to be actively running business in your hectic business workplace.

We realize that every customer has different needs, and thus you will find that Limprint keeps a large collection of differently designed parking signs just for you. Some of the hundreds of available signs include custom parking signs, reserved parking signs, handicapped parking signs, guest parking signs, parking permit signs, guest parking signs, no parking signs, event parking signs, government parking signs, private property signs, school zone signs, gate warning signs, speed bump signs, staff parking signs and many more.

Custom Acrylic Signs

Have you started a new business? Are you getting a new office made or renovating an already existing one? It might be a great idea to have Acrylic signs with your company name and logo put up in your office. These custom acrylic signs not only look elegant but also give the people visiting your work place a feel and beat of what your company does. Acrylic wall signs are gaining huge popularity due to the simple yet strong and profound look they add to your office or wall.

We also make sure that the signs we manufacture are the best quality and look good and would also help you make a connect with people who see it. These can also be used in super markets, boutiques, hospitals, agencies, businesses and libraries.

What are you waiting for? Call us now and book your order with us for the most perfect sign.